Relaxation massage is a slow paced, light pressure massage with smooth, gliding strokes. Also known as Swedish massage, this is the type of treatment most people think of when asked what massage is.


Improved circulation and an easing of general tension is achieved by using long gliding strokes, in the direction of the heart, to facilitate natural body function.

LUXURY TREATMENTS                    90 min $140    60 min $95


All of our exclusive luxury treatments are carefully crafted to ensure clients enjoy a relaxing but rewarding indulgence experience.


Gentle relaxation massages calm the nervous system, improve circulation, improve stress related symptoms and promote a sense of wellbeing.



Heated stone massage is a specialty treatment where smooth, basalt stones are warmed and either placed on the body to infuse heat, or used by the therapist to perform a soothing massage sequence


This technique is deeply relaxing and assists the client by improving lymphatic function and blood flow.

It can also be adapted to provide deep tissue treatment.



Aromatherapy can have a profound effect on the physical and psychological wellbeing due to the belief that scent has the ability to alter emotions


Custom designed blends of pure essential oils are created specifically for every client. To increase the therapeutic effect the blend is applied to the body as part of a relaxing full body massage sequence.  



Pregnancy can have an amazing effect on a woman’s body, and although there are plenty of positives these can often be accompanied by some discomfort. Every pregnancy massage is adapted to accommodate the needs and comfort of the lucky Mumma-2-be client.


Massage can be beneficial throughout the entire pregancy, however extra care is always taken during the first trimester.