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Guess who got a makeover...

Unfortunately it wasn’t me – It was actually the Nutrition Australia Healthy Eating Pyramid.

Plant based foods now make up 70% of the pyramid, calcium and protein sources popular the middle level, and healthy fats sit in the final small section at the top.

The new guidelines also advise us to drink plenty of water, enjoy the addition of herbs and spices to our foods and limit the addition of salt and sugar to foods.

The new pyramid really does showcase a realistic and flexible guide to eating well, but only if you understand how many serves per day you should have from each group…and how big a serve is.

Luckily the Australian Government has made this easier for us by providing

Head to the ‘How much do we need each day’ tab and explore this section to find details about what constitutes a serve and how many serves of each food type you should be eating. It also helps you put it all together by providing sample meal plans for men, women and children.


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