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Why call the business Emberdune?


When I was younger I spent a lot of time in 2 particular places - on the family farm 'Kankama' and in Chinchilla at my grandad's acerage.

'Kankama' is beautiful country to me and the light beige colour of the soil has always reminded me of sand dunes.

Alternatively my grandad's acerage, known as 'Kindilan', is situated on the outskirts of Chinchilla near Charleys Creek and has a rich red loam soil which is indicitive of the area.

A few brainstorming sessions later and I had chosen the word Ember as a representation of the red Chinchilla loam, and Dune to represent the sandy soils of 'Kankama'.

As thus the business name Emberdune Natural Therapies was registered.

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