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My Top 5 Tips for MelonFest Survival!

In only a few short days our beautiful town will be inundated with tourists for the Bi-annual Chinchilla Melon Festival. As a born and bred local here are my top 5 tips on how to have a great 2017 MelonFest.

1. Get a copy of the Program.

Be prepared to head into the Melon Shop, or go online to, to ensure you know what day and time every event and activity is scheduled for. Highlight your favourite events and if you want to be extra organised pop some reminders into your phone. No one wants to miss their favourite event!

2. Be Sun Smart.

The weather forecast is already predicting 36 degrees and it will undoubtedly be a scorcher. Make sure to wear a broad brimmed hat and your favourite pair of sunglasses. Also pack your sunscreen and reapply regularly – no one wants to look like a lobster.

3. Don’t dress to impress.

Think sensible – shoes you can walk all day in and do melon events, a backpack for purchases from the market stalls, clothing that is comfortable and sunsafe, and my secret weapon…a scarf. Chose a lightweight weave that you can use as added sun protection on your neck through the day and then as a shawl in the evening when the day cools off.

4. Pace yourself.

Most people enjoy a few alcoholic beverages over the weekend, but having a big session Friday night at the Rodeo or Beach Party will leave you feeling less than energetic Saturday morning, especially if you have planned on lining up for one of the physical events. Follow the usual rules for responsible drinking.


Drinking plenty of water throughout the day can help to compensate for the heat, and possible side effects of overindulging the night before. Carry water on you at all times in your backpack and drink it regularly. There are plenty of options to keep your hydration intake up including purchasing from one of the food stalls or local stores, or carrying your own re-useable bottle that you can fill up at fountains in the school grounds.

I hope you find these tips helpful and that you have your best MelonFest ever, and I look forward to seeing you in the crowd next weekend.

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