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7 Signs you may need a massage

How long has it been since you last had a massage? Weeks?... Months?... Years?... Never?

Most people are aware that massage can be highly beneficial, but most put it off till later. Below are some big ‘red flag’ signs from your body that you need to book in for an appointment ASAP!

- Headaches, especially those caused from muscle tension in the shoulders, neck, back and head, are a classic indicator that it’s time to see your massage therapist.

- You are stressed out! One of the best ways to manage stress is through massage, as it can decrease levels of stress hormones and increase endorphins.

- Pain in your back…or neck or hip or shoulder. Pain isn’t normal and is a true signal from your body that things aren’t right. Massage can assist in improving the cause of your discomfort.

- Training hard – you are challenging your body physically on a regular basis. Massage can help keep you active and injury free and is a great reward for your hard work.

- Trouble sleeping? By promoting relaxation, massage can assist your body to transition to healthy sleeping habits, where you are better able to rest, recover and heal.

- You wake up and your neck, or somewhere else isn’t moving as well as normal. Massage can be a great way to reduce muscular restrictions and get your range of motion back where it should be.

- It’s been a while. Many people still look at massage as a luxury, willing to deal with ongoing symptoms until they deem themselves worthy of a ‘reward’. However, massage works best when it is received on a regular basis. At Emberdune we typically recommend clients visit every 4 weeks to get the best results in managing their lifestyle, although more frequent appointments may be required if you are experiencing an injury.

If your body is waving one of these flags and crying for help, make booking your appointment a priority. SAVE TIME BOOK ONLINE!

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