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  • Nikola Stevenson

5 Tips to Recover Like a Legend

Taking part in the game you love after a long break, especially for a special event, can be an exciting experience for returning players. While I’m sure that all the participants for this weekend's Legends match have taken the proper pre-game precautions, (like gradual increase of physical conditioning and technique refresher training), and that they will 'Listen to their Body' to help them recognise their limitations during the game, post-match recovery is often an overlooked element to a smooth and enjoyable return to play.

Keeping this in mind, if you are one of the players pulling on their boots this weekend, and you want to improve your post-game recovery (trust me, your significant other will thank you for it), then here are 5 essential tips to Recover like a Legend.

The game of Rugby League can take a toll on the body, and post-game recovery is key
5 Tips to Recover Like a Legend


Getting quality sleep and setting aside some downtime, that allows you to mentally and physically relax, post-match gives your body a chance to heal.


While it’s tempting to celebrate, or commiserate the game, by making less-than-ideal food and beverage choices, you can set yourself up for success by consuming the right nutrients and hydration pre, during, and post-match.


There is a reason a lot of recovery days for professional teams have them down at the beach or pool. Hydrotherapy, and especially cold water immersion, have been observed to reduce muscle soreness and aid recovery.


I’m not talking about going out and doing a hardcore workout, but utilising compression products, or simply going for a walk or light jog, can all help stimulate your circulation. This enhances the delivery of essential nutrients and facilitates the removal of metabolic by-products.


If you picked up an injury that isn’t as insignificant as it initially seemed, don't wait, make an appointment with your GP, physio, or other preferred healthcare professional and get it sorted sooner rather than later.

I hope all the players have an amazing game and post-match recovery, however, if you are noticing niggles, or want to intentionally incorporate remedial massage into your recovery strategy, you can book online at


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